LOI submitted

First milestone towards a DOE grant is now behind me: a letter of intent is now in the hands of the DOE Topic Manager. I won’t hear any feedback unless it’s deemed NOT responsive to the topic, and if that not for several weeks. In the meantime, I’m diving into proposal prep, with the help of John Servo with Dawnbreaker, a company that specializes in helping startups commercialize their innovation.

From the LOI:

Evaporative cooling (EC) is a highly efficient technology that uses less than one-third of the energy of compressor-based systems, making its adoption an effective tool in the fight against global warming. While EC adoption is growing in the industrial sector, it is losing market share in residential applications, especially new construction. ND intends to counter this trend by developing and producing a modern residential EC controller that provides superior comfort and IAQ [indoor air quality], while addressing convenience, a leading reason people switch from EC to compressor-based cooling.