Thanks for giving the Roadrunner Comfort a try. If you run into any problems, please contact me, Nancy Nangeroni, for support. You can reach me via text, voice message, or email at the phone number or email address that appears when you touch the roadrunner symbol on your phone OR wall controller.

Using the Roadrunner Comfort Controller ( download PDF )

Using the RoadrunnerComfort iPhone app

Tips & Tricks

Using the Roadrunner Comfort Controller

In a nutshell, here’s how it works:

OFF screen

ON takes you to the ON screen below

MANUAL takes you to one of two sets of manual controls

OPTION takes you to the Option screen (below)

The “ON at” time appears when if a turn-on time is set, otherwise this space will be blank.

ON screen

Air blows at the Set Temperature shown

Fan turns ON and OFF automatically

WARMER raises set temperature

COOLER lowers set temperature

OPTION screen

Sched takes you to the SCHEDULE screen where you can set times for auto turn-on and off

SPEED changes fan speed

DST turns Daylight Savings Time on/off

SLEEP turns screen blanking on/off

 SETUP takes you to the Setup screen (not shown here)

Using the iPhone app

The RoadrunnerComfort iPhone app (in the app store, search for “RoadrunnerComfort”, no spaces) lets you remotely raise and lower your set temperature from anywhere within your wifi network. It also allows you to change fan speed, or control the cooler manually.

The app works much like the controller, but instead of “OPTION”, it has “SETUP”, which enables different, app-specific choices.


The Roadrunner symbol takes you to the help screen.

speed LOW (or HIGH) changes the fan speed. This button can be hidden via the Setup screen.

WARMER raises the set temperature, COOLER lowers it.

SETUP takes you to a screen where you can configure controls and perform installation


The Roadrunner symbol takes you to help.

From this screen, go to ON or Manual operation.

SETUP takes you to a screen where you can perform installation and configure controls.


Control pump, fan, and fan hi/lo setting via independent switches.


SHOW SPEED enables you to show or hide the Fan Speed control on the main screen.

LEFT-HANDED reverses the layout of the Auto screen.

Under Installation you can enter or re-enter the wifi address and/or name of your controller.

Set Address

NAME allows you to set a name for your controller. Assigning a name is optional.

ADDRESS is where you enter the digit (and periods) string shown on the setup page of your controller.


You only need to access Setup at installation time. At the very bottom in the center is the address you need to enter in the Set Address screen.

Network is where you enter your wifi network name and password.

Update temporarily enables the controller to be reprogrammed via wifi.

Rotation enables the controller to be installed horizontally.


Help is available by touching the Roadrunner symbol on any screen.

This is my contact information. Please do not be shy about contacting me with questions or problems. Email is best, text next. You can leave a phone message but I may not get it for many days.

Tips & Tricks

The Leave the Roadrunner Comfort (RRC) ON and it will ramp up as the morning warms and wind down as the evening cools.

The fan will sometimes turn ON or OFF for just a minute or two.  This is normal.

The sensor clipped to the vent uses a battery that will last years. When it needs changing (but with time left to get a replacement), a message will flash on the cooler display (battery type may vary).

Sometimes the RRC needs a reset to keep working properly. The RESET button is on the side of the wall unit. It’s always OK to reset RRC, it remembers ALL settings and restarts promptly.

Once a minute, this message appears while RRC  reads the temperature from the sensor at the vent. While this shows, touches are ignored (sorry).

There are two different screens for operating the RRC manually. Touch the title “MANUAL” to switch between them.