Nangeroni Design (ND) is a New Mexico-based sole proprietorship located in northwest Albuquerque.  Thanks to a jump-start from Dr. Frank Reinow at New Mexico Tech, I’m developing an exciting new product targeted towards broad in-home and small business use in the desert southwest.

It could be the Koolest thing to hit the desert southwest in awhile.   Imagine an evaporative cooler that puts out air at the temperature of your choosing.  Not one that cycles back and forth between full on and off, like when controlled by a thermostat, or a knob on the wall that you have to turn on and off manually.  An advanced, fully automatic color touchscreen controller that adjusts the breeze blowing through your home to your comfort level.  Turning itself on when it’s needed, off when it’s not.  This, my friends, is greater comfort.

Comfort isn’t worth much if it’s fleeting, so the Koolest is designed for a lifetime of at least 20 years.  Strategic partnerships will provide long-term customer support, and attention to detail and technical transparency (with the exception of patent pending core algorithms) will ensure the longevity and future evolution of its design.