DOE uninterested

On January 26 I received a “non-responsive” email from the DOE, meaning that my project doesn’t fulfill what they were looking to fund. The primary reason given is the limited geographic area that my project addresses. I’m good with that. The SBIR funding was a long shot, but one that I thought worth taking. I […]

LOI submitted

First milestone towards a DOE grant is now behind me: a letter of intent is now in the hands of the DOE Topic Manager. I won’t hear any feedback unless it’s deemed NOT responsive to the topic, and if that not for several weeks. In the meantime, I’m diving into proposal prep, with the help […]

Good News

First, I am beyond thrilled to announce that as of today, Nangeroni Design is a family business. My wife and partner Gordene O. MacKenzie, PhD has agreed to bring to bear on the cooler controller project her brilliant academic background and savvy business experience. Gordene will serve as Partner and Senior Advisor for the firm. […]

DOE Topic 12: a match?

On November 9 the Department of Energy released their SBIR phase 1 release 2 EERE topics for funding opportunities. Topic 12, Healthy and Efficient Buildings, seems like a good fit for the Koolest Controller. The KC will improve the performance of evaporative cooling (EC) systems, encouraging continued use of existing EC systems which are many […]

Fall 2020 update

Life testing of key electro-mechanical components has established their lifetime in excess of 20 years.  Further design work is underway to extend the lifetime of the battery-operated sensor to approach the shelf life of the battery (currently 10 years).  Improved product deployment starts next spring.  Still on the list: funding for regulatory approvals and IP […]