The RRC iPhone app lets you remotely raise and lower your set temperature from anywhere within your wifi network. It also allows you to change fan speed, or control the cooler manually.

Auto mode

WARMER raises the set temperature by one degree and turns the fan and pump off.

COOLER reduces the set temperature by one degree and turns the fan on if it was off.

The GEAR takes you to a setup page.

The roadrunner takes you to a page that shows help information.

OFF mode

From this screen, go to Manual or Auto (ON) operation.

The gear takes you to Option.

The roadrunner symbol takes you to help.

Manual Mode

Control pump, fan, and fan hi/lo setting via independent switches.

Flexible Setup

Tailor the controls to your preference on the Setup screen. If you never change the fan speed, hide the control.

If need be, re-enter the wifi address of your controller.

Easy Setup

Wifi Address setup is simple. Just enter the digit string shown on the setup page of your controller. Assigning a name is optional.

Need help?

Help is available by touching the roadrunner symbol on any screen.