Another year, more progress

Obviously, I’m not great at maintaining this blog. Sorry! In my defense, I’ve been busy.

The last year saw good progress on the Roadrunner Comfort, if less than I was hoping for. But here is a list of good things that happened:

  • My close cooperation with TLC Plumbing, New Mexico’s leading HVAC provider, continued. They only installed a few units out of the 100 they bought from me, but made key contributions to improving the product. I’m looking forward to delivering improved product to them for 2023 and continuing to work closely with them moving forward. Oni, Robert, and Keanu, you guys rock!
  • I improved the user interface for entering Wifi login and on/off times to work more like a contemporary phone.
  • I eliminated the irritating “Reading Temperature Sensor” screen that froze out user interaction for some seconds when the sensor was accessed once every minute. Also, when the display is sleeping it no longer lights up once a minute to show that message.
  • The controller now pairs with an individual Bluetooth temperature sensor, enabling multiple controller/sensor installations within the same space.
  • Various performance improvements and bug fixes.

In 2023 I’ll be focusing on a hardware redesign for lower cost and increased production, and planning for 2024 rollout of volume manufacturing and distribution. Stay tuned!